Can you imagine a world without Internet, mobile phones and cameras? Obviously, the answer would be no. The Internet, with its countless services, means of entertainment and sources of information, has become indispensable for the present generation. Anything, any questions or doubt you have in mind, can be cleared and known with the click of mouse.

Nowadays, the Internet, with its innumerable provisions, has become too tempting an addiction to forego. Children of today are more interested in playing video games instead of going outdoors. Continuous staring at the screens is creating many problems like neck pain, loss of hearing and weak eyesight. In fact, many have died and numerous others injured while taking selfies!  Because this digitalization is spreading like an epidemic, to usher in a healthy society, digital detoxification is a must.

Digital detox actually means to refrain from using electronic devices for a certain period of time. With this, you begin to appreciate the natural beauty around you and see the world through your own eyes rather than capturing them on the camera. You begin to meet more people, try to befriend them rather than staring blankly on the screens. Playing outdoors improves physical fitness and stamina while sitting indoors with electronic gadgets is leading to obesity. Most importantly, you begin to live life to the fullest. Just think, no more ringing and vibrating, and countless beeps and buzzes from your phone, no more reminders or alarms, and most importantly, freedom from all the accursed messages on WhatsApp which you are often compelled to reply to.

Due to these reasons, many people globally are choosing to opt out of digitals and just enjoy life. Nowadays, many camps in Europe are being organized which promote offline activities like painting, singing, photography and other outdoor activities which not only nurtures their natural talent but also improves physical fitness. In India too, many spiritual retreats in Himachal Pradesh organize camps where teenagers are taught meditation and yoga and are not allowed to use cell phones. This rejuvenates their body and mind. But, a lot more needs be done to prevent the present generation from falling prey to this addiction and to relive the good old times.

Devina Bansal
(Grade 7)