Art is not merely colours on a canvas, it is rather an expression, taking one on a journey and evoking a
whole spectrum of emotions. Each painting is a kaleidoscope of hues, speaking volumes through its
silence. The unique thing about art is that it neither has a language nor any restrictions. A paint brush
moves as freely on a canvas as a ballerina on the stage, conveying depth and emotion through its
elegance. A painting is not just supposed to be pleasing to the eyes but is rather a window into the
artist's mind. With each layer that is laid down on the canvas, a fragment of the artist's soul is infused
with the colours that have dreams and imagination woven into them. Much like Shakespearean
literature, art transcends the boundaries of culture as well as time. It serves as the bridge between
cultures and communities, harbouring a sense of unity and bringing new perspectives to light.

Ira Mittal
XII Arts