There is move to have ‘One State One Uniform’ for Government schools in order
to bridge the gaps of class and rural urban divide among children. Do you think
this is a good/relevant move? What are your views on this?

A move which aims to end the disparity between children and foster the feelings of
oneness among them is, without doubt, a good and relevant move.
A uniform serves a definite purpose and is desirable for multiple reasons.
Foremost, it lends a child a sense of belongingness to the alma mater and
inculcates in him/her the important habit of dressing up smartly in the morning.
Secondly, the uniform instils discipline in the pupil and the formal dress creates a
mindset of seriousness towards studies.
However, the third reason, in my opinion, is the most vital one of all and that is,
donning the uniform ensures that all pupils look the same and no one feels inferior
to anyone and thus no one is discriminated against based on economic or social
In order for a child to grow in a wholesome manner, it is imperative that he feels
secure in the school environment and is confident that he is at par with others and
the uniform goes a long way in ensuring that.
In today’s time, students of different schools are recognized by their uniforms and
sadly, their economic status is judged according to them. I feel if all children of
school going age are dressed in the same uniform irrespective of their school; the
objective of treating every child equally and giving them one level platform to
launch themselves from, shall be achieved to a great extent.
In a world which is unfortunately divided along class lines and economic
leverages; this move comes as a refreshing step towards equality.