I felt my lungs distend with the onrush of sights and sounds peculiar to the hills. I explored the precarious balance between creativity and reason as I sought to change the world, one policy at a time.
Model UN Conference
The Lawrence School, Sanawar

I plunged into swarms of strangers and disgorged the contents of my heart without restraint. Words might not always move mountains, but they surely change minds.
The JK Kate Knowledge Conclave
Punjab Public School, Nabha

I sat with all my worlds and words, dreams and dillemas, and a multitude of thoughts weighing my tongue down. I have now realised that dialogue holds gravity.
Model UN Conference
The Doon School, Dehradun

In the span of three transient weeks, I have learnt that every voice enshrines power, and that the origin of every scream can be traced down to a whisper. YPS has taught me how to use my voice, and I shall never forget that.


By Mallik Arjun Ahluwalia