@ Arjun Singh Guram (Grade XII )

True to its ethos, the School has always been committed to serving the community and the less fortunate. The School exercises its social responsibilities through the pursuance of IAYP and SUPW activities , besides some school based groups working towards the noble cause.

Moreover ,  If one were to gauge the happiness index of a school, I would suggest one should look at the students who are enrolled under the RTE Act .  And I am proud of the fact that here at YPS.  Patiala, we keep them comforted and welcomed. Be it assisting them in academics or including them in extra- curricular activities, the students are never left secluded.

In pursuit  of such efforts, last year our school adopted a government primary school at Hasanpur, a village in Patiala district.The purpose behind this was to overhaul the school’s facilities and enable it to provide wholesome education to its students.

The project commenced in the summer vacation with students from grade Twelve visiting the school in groups of twelve students from each section.They were joined by IAYP Gold Level students for the entirety of the project.

During this period , the project focused on cleaning and repainting the school premises.The classes were in dire need of repair. Besides this, a kitchen garden and a mini-library were set up, the latter with the aid of the books furnished by the YPS students. This was accomplished in nearly a month. Most of the work was carried out by students themselves with minimal help from professionals .The willingness and the zeal of the  students did not go unnoticed and  was applauded by one and all.


The school reopened and the students of the primary school were overwhelmed on seeing the work carried out . We were supported in our efforts by the residents of the village.

Buoyed by the success of the summer project, YPS decided to permanently adopt the school.To continue the good  work, an IPSC Residential Project. This was planned in October,2019. The project had 65  enthusiastic students from six IPSC schools.The project was a three day affair during which time the playground of the school was overhauled.New swings and rides were installed and the garden was replanted.The work was carried out at a brisk pace and the project was fruitful.

Overall, the project has provided an enriching and rewarding experience to the students of YPS, Patiala ,as well as those of the visiting schools.We hope that such projects will become a regular feature and the students shall get more  opportunities of shouldering their social responsibilities.

It did not take long for other enthusiastic students to follow suit. Over a dozen students got together and made a group called ‘Helping Hands’. They went around and  collected clothes, books and toys for fifty underprivileged children and distributed the same on Diwali in the Polo Ground. Their efforts were lauded by all who learnt of it.

As they say, one good deed leads to another.Similarly, we are hopeful that these tiny steps shall make a big difference in leaping ahead towards our goal.